• Serious Tax Investigations

    Experienced advisers resolving tax investigations,
    disputes and handling voluntary disclosure

Protecting your interests

Any enquiry by HMRC into your tax affairs is something to take seriously - it is vital to take immediate advice from an investigation expert to protect your interests.

If you are investigated under Code of Practice 8 (COP8) it usually means that HMRC suspects that large amounts of tax are outstanding but that fraud is not suspected. For instance, HMRC will be challenging tax planning you have implemented.

The Code of Practice 9 (COP9) procedures are used where serious fraud is suspected. Although tax fraud is a criminal offence, HMRC will ordinarily settle matters through a civil procedure and will ordinarily offer the chance to use the Contractual Disclosure Facility (‘CDF’) to put things right. Refusing such an offer or making an incomplete disclosure could lead to prosecution and a criminal record and at the very least will ultimately lead to higher penalties on any unpaid tax.

You will normally be expected to meet with HMRC under this type of investigation, so it is important that your adviser is experienced in dealing with HMRC under such circumstances.

Protecting your interests

With extensive experience of investigation practices, we are fully equipped to protect your interests. We have an excellent working knowledge of how HMRC's investigators operate and use strong negotiating skills to reach a solution.

BDO's Tax Dispute Resolution team is dedicated to achieving the best possible result for you.