• Tax Enquiries and Disclosures

    Making tax dispute enquiries comprehensible

Setting up a strong plan

Tax disputes and enquiries come in many different types and levels of complexity.  It can also be uncertain whether you have a problem or not.

We make things clear

  • We analyse and explain the situation so you understand the issues and the risks you face
  • We set out your options
  • We work with you to establish the potential cost

We form and implement a robust resolution plan

  • We consider the whole situation – whether it be UK or overseas assets, personal, corporate or trust related
  • We identify and agree with you the most appropriate way to bring all UK taxes up to date
  • We agree the way forward with HMRC
  • We liaise and work with all other professional advisors and asset managers as appropriate
  • We prepare any disclosure reports needed to bring your tax affairs up to date
  • We handle all meetings, interviews and negotiations with HMRC


  • Have the absolute minimum level of contact with HMRC
  • Have the final say on whatever we negotiate
  • Get a line drawn under the past and final closure