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The National TSP team is led by highly experienced tax professionals who have been providing this service for over 30 years, backed up by our network of tax professionals in the UK and worldwide. We are committed to providing you with the expert advice you need to enhance your relationships with clients and stakeholders. Below you can find out more about who we are, our areas of expertise and our recent contributions to the Tax Journal.

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Direct Taxes

Malcolm Pengelly, Tax Principal

The National Head of Tax Support for Professionals, Malcolm has over 30 years’ experience advising family-owned businesses in all aspects of UK direct tax, with particular experience of property businesses. He regularly advises on stamp taxes and SDLT issues, including property structuring, planning and share adjudications, and has advised family-owned businesses regarding business reorganisations, acquisitions and sales and their tax-efficient structuring.


Jeffrey Webber, Tax Director

Jeff is a director in the Tax Support for Professionals team, providing advice to our accountant and solicitor clients by telephone on the Taxline, and dealing with project work generated. He covers most aspects of income tax, CGT and corporation tax, aiming to provide constructive solutions to tax problems, especially concerning property tax, partnerships, mergers and acquisitions, buy-backs, demergers, SDLT, stamp duty and basic SDRT. 

Consultation on the SDLT mixed property and multiple dwellings relief rules (Tax Journal, January 2022)

SDLT multiple dwellings relief (Tax Journal October 2021)


Chris Holmes, Tax Director

Chris is a tax director, specialising in all aspects of owner-managed businesses, including transactions. Chris has expertise with such diverse subjects as demergers, property, pensions, expatriate tax and tax debt.

Back to basics: Section 165 holdover relief

International aspects of demergers

The pensions lifetime allowance (Tax Journal, June 2022)

Tax treaties and personal allowances - check carefully! (Tax Journal, November 2021)

Basis period reform (Tax Journal September 2021)

Back to basics: tax on loans to participators (Tax Journal July 2021)

Back to basics: Statutory demergers (Tax Journal, April 2021)


Nigel Giles, Associate Tax Director

Nigel is an associate tax director in the Tax Support for Professionals team who has worked full time on the Taxline since 2012, dealing with the full range of client tax queries, including income tax, corporation tax, CGT, SDLT and IHT matters. Prior to joining the Taxline, he had 27 years’ experience working his way up from an administrative assistant at HMRC to a senior personal tax manager at BDO. He has a wide range of personal tax experience, including residence/domicile issues, CGT advisory and planning, LLPs/partnerships and inheritance tax.

Corporation tax changes from 1 April 2023 (Tax Journal on 3 February 2023)

Temporary non-residence: the anti-avoidance rules (Tax Journal, December 2021)

Back to basics: Investors’ relief (Tax Journal, March 2021)

How to handle entrepreneurs’ relief  (Tax Journal, June 2019)


Sadiq Hashmi, Tax Manager

Sadiq is a tax manager who joined the Tax Support for Professionals team in 2019. Sadiq is a generalist, with specialist competence in advising on personal tax matters, especially in the areas of Pensions, PPR, and CGT. Prior to joining TSP, he worked in similar tax advisory roles with Moore Stephens and Grant Thornton.

Indirect Taxes

Chris Rowe, Partner

Chris leads the indirect tax team in the Midlands, covering the Birmingham and Nottingham offices. Chris has deep sector expertise in automotive, and a broad understanding of the industry challenges, and cross-tax issues.



Marvin Reynolds, Director

Marvin is a Director specialising in VAT and stamp taxes, dealing with multi-national companies and family-owned businesses from a range of industry sectors, including real estate, manufacturing, leisure, and retail.  Marvin has extensive experience of advising on property transactions, including VAT and SDLT planning, as well as M&A transactions and group reorganisations.

VAT on transfers of a business as a going concern (Tax Journal October 2022)
SDLT multiple dwellings relief (Tax Journal October 2021)


Rob Edwards, Senior Tax Manager 

Rob is a Tax Manager who has worked in tax generally for over 17 years and, more specifically, in VAT for over 11 years, advising in many areas of VAT, including property, finance, not for profit, and dealing with HMRC enquiries.



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