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Our ‘Taxline’ email and telephone service provides the fast, authoritative advice you need at a competitive rate. Even if you have your own in-house tax resource, our team can provide support when complex issues arise, act as a valuable source of research or provide a second opinion. We aim to give you the confidence that you have the right and are giving the right tax advice.

There is a monthly fee of £95 + VAT after which you will be charged £112 + VAT for the first 12 minutes (or part thereof) and £56 + VAT for each subsequent 6 minutes (or part thereof) for each call, up to a maximum of one hour per topic. A 5% service charge will apply if you are not paying by direct debit.


Project and other work

You can also draw on our resources and expertise to support standalone projects such as;

  • drafting correspondence or clearance applications to HMRC
  • reviewing and commenting on documentation relating to property or corporate acquisitions or disposals
  • attending meetings with you and your clients or HMRC
  • preparing tax appeals
  • drafting instructions to Tax Counsel
  • assisting with ADR procedures

As far as possible, we will agree an up-front fixed fee with you to give you certainty over costs.

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