• TSP Published articles

TSP Published articles

A highly experienced team

The National TSP team is led by highly experienced tax professionals who have been providing this service for over 30 years, backed up by BDO's network of tax professionals in the UK and worldwide. 

As well as speaking at our TSP seminars and webinars, members of the team lecture externally and contribute articles to external tax publications, of which recent examples include:

Temporary non-residence: the anti-avoidance rules (Tax Journal, December 2021)

Tax treaties and personal allowances - check carefully! (Tax Journal, November 2021)

SDLT multiple dwellings relief (Tax Journal October 2021)

Basis period reform (Tax Journal September 2021)

Back to basics: tax on loans to participators (Tax Journal July 2021)

Back to basics: Capital allowances - S 198 elections (Tax Journal, May 2021)

Back to basics: Statutory demergers (Tax Journal, April 2021)

Debt releases between companies with common shareholders (Tax Journal, February 2021)

Back to basics: Incorporation relief (Tax Journal, February 2021)

Key issues for in-house tax teams: a checklist (Tax Journal, November 2020)

How to handle tax on corporate reconstructions (Tax Journal, November 2019)

How to handle entrepreneurs’ relief  (Tax Journal, June 2019)