• BDO Gaming Duties Services

    Excise duties on betting and gaming

Gaming Duties

The UK Betting and Gaming industry is subject to a number of excise duties, each with its own risks and complexities.  BDO advises and assist clients on the following significant gaming duties:

  • General Betting Duty
  • Gaming Duty
  • Remote Gaming Duty
  • Machine Games Duty
  • Bingo Duty

Key Gaming Duties services

If you are concerned that you may be missing an opportunity, overlooking a potential risk, or have a particular issue on your mind, BDO’s Betting and Gaming specialists can help.

We can consider any gaming duties issues that might arise from your prospective business plans to make sure that the duty implications of your transactions are considered in full. For example, we may be able to help with:

  • Compliance reviews to ensure your duty recording and reporting process is as robust as possible (including compliance with Senior Accounting Officer requirements)
  • HMRC inspections, assessments and appeals
  • The treatment of promotional or free bets (which differs across the various duties)
  • The structure of agency/white label arrangements
  • The application of General Betting Duty to financial 'bets' (such as spread bets or binary options).