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Following the UK’s departure from the EU, the Government sees the establishment of new Freeports as a means of boosting trade, jobs and investment across the UK. The introduction of Freeports will have significant implications for shipping and logistics firms, and open up new opportunities for companies with import/export operations. Find out the implications of Freeports and how BDO can help:

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IFRS and markets update for Shipping companies

Watch our latest webinar covering a variety of pertinent topics including COVID-19, financial reporting considerations, IFRS16 and the latest on #ESG reporting.

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Managing Maritime Cash Flow

Watch our latest webinar outlining the government measures announced and how to access them, with an added focus on managing cash flow. 

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Offshore Winds of Change

There are now over 170 offshore wind farms across the globe with 33.5 gigawatts (GW) of capacity, the number of wind farms is growing by 13% y-o-y and capacity is growing by 19% y-o-y as individual turbines increase in power capacity.  By the end of 2021 there are forecast to be 227 offshore wind farms with 45GW of power capacity, in another four years that is expected to grow to 440 offshore wind farms with 106GW of capacity.

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CFOs: are your finance team driving growth?

Find out how the right technology and appropriate use of outsourcing can turn your finance function into a driver of strategic business decisions and growth. Build a ‘finance function of the future’ to give your shipping business a brighter tomorrow.

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Rethinking Shipping’s Risk Management

Traditionally, maritime risks have been relatively predictable such as human error, mechanical failures and natural disasters. The continual growth of international trade and the introduction of new technologies mean that shipping industry risks are evolving fast. But is risk management within the sector evolving to meet these challenges?

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The art of compromise – Offshore maritime restructuring

COVID-19 has had an adverse impact on many industries, numerous of which were already under pressure prior to the pandemic.  The outbreak and the sustained effect has compounded already precarious positions that many businesses found themselves in. Businesses have had to rely on state level support and payment holidays from financiers and landlords to stay solvent.

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Shipping – Marshall Islands economic substance update

The Marshall Islands ‘Reporting Portal’ was launched last month on the Islands’ International Registries website and it will now be accepting reports in respect of the Islands’ Economic Substance Regulations.

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Government progresses plans to establish freeports

The Government has received a number of bids to establish freeports across the UK. The application process has now closed with final decisions expected later in 2021. You can find out more about the freeports policy and catch up on latest developments using the link below.

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Factsheets - IFRS 15 series

Factsheets - IFRS 16 series