• VAT training for businesses and professionals
    Upskilling your teams

    Summer/Autumn 2022

Technical update:

Live VAT Training Workshops

09 May 2022

Live VAT training for businesses and professionals – Get up to speed with recent VAT changes  

BDO has developed a VAT training programme to help your organisation proactively manage its tax position.

There have been significant changes to VAT rules and policies in recent years and ensuring your teams understand both the risks and potential opportunities in respect of VAT is essential. These training sessions will ensure that your staff are up to date and prepared.  

We deliver live VAT training either virtually or face to face depending on your preference. 

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The VAT training programme will:

  • Improve the technical skills of your people and contribute to their CPD
  • Reduce the potential for errors, improve risk management and processes across your commercial operations and finance function 
  • Identify specific actions for your organisation around VAT risks and opportunities 
  • Demonstrate positive action to stakeholders such as management, HMRC and customers and suppliers 
  • Highlight areas of HMRC focus and recent legislative changes to ensure staff are up to date 
  • Help you to understand the impact of tax on the supply chain 

What is included in the training?

We cover the topics that you need us to and which are relevant to your organisation so we will always agree with you which topics need to be covered. Your training session will cover the key aspects of VAT with exercises and practical examples to reinforce learning where appropriate. The sessions are informal and interactive whether delivered virtually or in person so that your team are able to discuss specific issues and areas of concern together.

Your training is delivered live by an experienced VAT specialist to present the chosen materials, facilitate discussion, and answer your questions so that you get maximum value from the training.

For more detailed information about the training sessions available, please request our brochure.

What does the training cost?

We offer competitive pricing that is specifically suited to your requirements. Our prices are not calculated by reference to the number of attendees and we encourage you to extend the training invite broadly to get maximum value.  After the session, we will provide a copy of the materials used for your future reference.

Please contact us to understand pricing options.


We will contact you shortly to discuss your training requirements and a convenient date and time for the training. 

Other VAT training options available 

If you are seeking training for a large number of attendees who will want to complete the training at their own pace, why not consider our e-learning offering on BDO Store?  This is licensed VAT training including assessments that your organisation can purchase for a set fee per year for an unlimited number of users.   

More details can be found here.

 Live Customs Duty Training

We also offers a customs duty training programme if you need help with this area of tax. With all of our training offerings it is possible to combine topics so that you get the best coverage for your needs.

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