Get ready for the new Customs Declaration Service – book a preparation workshop

13 July 2022


Import declarations cannot be submitted to HMRC using the current CHIEF customs declaration system from 1 October 2022 and the new system must also be used for exports from 1 April 2023.


What is changing?

After more than 30 years the CHIEF system is being replaced with the new Customs Declaration Service (CDS) system from 1 October 2022. All importers must register before then and get their account set up in advance - you cannot delegate this task to a freight forwarder or customs broker.

If you do not take the correct action to set up your CDS account, authorise your freight agents and supply the extra data need for each shipment, your goods will be stopped at the airport, port or channel tunnel from 1 October.

Prepare with a practical half day workshop

What makes BDO’s workshop different is that we won’t simply tell you how to prepare, we will make the preparations together with your team during the workshop for a simple fixed price. At the end of this workshop, your team will have:

  • ​Activated your government gateway account
  • Activated your CDS account
  • Authorised your freight forwarders and customs brokers to use your CDS account
  • Registered your CDS payment method e.g. deferment account or cash payment facility
  • A clear understanding where to find the data required for the CDS customs declaration
  • A clear understanding of what this data means and what it is used for by HMRC and how it influences the import taxes payable
  • A clear process to collate and enter this data onto your customs clearance instruction; and 
  • Finalised your new customs clearance instruction template for the CDS data set required for your import and export customs declarations.

We can carry out the workshop at your premises or virtually as you prefer, and you can invite along as many of your import/export team as your wish.

Please contact the team for more details of the course content or register below.