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Business resilience for the new normal

July 2021
We spoke to Tim Foster, BDO Partner in Risk Advisory Services, about business resilience and why it’s more crucial than ever as we start the transition back to office life.

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Talking investment with Adam Harrold, CEO of Humley

July 2021
We talk to Adam Harrold, CEO of leading conversational AI provider Humley, which deploys conversational AI assistants for enterprise businesses across a wide range of industries including Sales and Services, HR, Finance and IT.

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Talking investment with Simon, co-founder of CharterSync

June 2021
We talk to Simon Watson, co-founder of CharterSync, about how he disrupted a traditional industry and created a pioneering air cargo charter tech firm.

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All you need to know about grants and R&D tax credits

May 2021
Get up to date with the latest Research & Development grants and funds available for your tech businesses, with expert insight from BDO.

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Talking tech with Silas Walton, founder and CEO of A Collected Man

May 2021
From discovering a bargain pocket watch at a French flea market to selling his first Cartier, Silas Walton has a passion for collectable watches. We spoke to the founder and CEO of A Collected Man, the curated consignment platform for rare watches, about how the company has grown.

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The future of mobile payments

April 2021
We spoke to the BDO payments team about how the payments space has grown, plans to further fuel the UK’s competitiveness – including tax incentives – and the safeguarding consultation that could change the way fintech is regulated.

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