International Tech Hub - eBook second edition

September 2020

Welcome to the International Tech Hubs ebook second edition, brought to you by BDO’s plugd:in platform. 

Building on the success of the international tech insights from the first edition, this work represents BDO’s latest insights into future global tech hubs. Leveraging the collective expertise of BDO’s partners around the globe, we review each location’s benefits and advantages for start-ups, scale-ups, established businesses and investors looking to expand internationally. 

From untapped talent pools and expansive available capital to strong governmental support, we believe these tech hubs represent the most exciting global locations for tech business. Drawing on extensive experience advising businesses of all sizes and investors of all interests, we believe the following locations represent the most interesting opportunities for technology ventures:

  • The Netherlands: a successful market with a strong system of support
  • Boston: a well-established hub for tech companies of all sizes
  • Ireland: a tech powerhouse with geographical advantage
  • Latin America: a fertile region with high potential
  • Germany: a robust and attractive region with VC appeal
  • Vietnam: an emerging market with untapped potential 
  • South Africa: impressive infrastructure with international appeal

As the world becomes increasingly digital, technological solutions and innovations are more key than ever. Governmental and financial support is vital for supporting creative thinking and new intellectual properties. Despite the upheaval caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, these global tech hubs have proven to be supportive epicentres ripe for business growth and investor interest.

We hope this ebook provides you with useful and unique insight into the future of the world’s technological developments. Thank you for reading.


International Tech Hubs second edition - Digital Magazine plugd:in

In case you missed it earlier, our first edition of International Tech Hubs eBook is now available to download below.


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