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6 things you can do now to reduce business risks around your IT systems

May 2022
BDO Head of Digital Data Collections and Investigations Paul Birch says keeping track of your digital assets and authorisations could be key to minimising risk.

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How can technology alleviate the supply chain crunch?

March 2022
Could continuing supply chain challenges serve as an incentive for technology innovation in an area that has been slow to adapt to modern times? Here, three BDO thought leaders look at the technology options for relieving supply chain pain.

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The future of telecoms and expansion of fibre networks.

February 2022
Jonathan Rowan, BDO Partner, considers the fast-changing world of the telecoms infrastructure and fibre sectors, highlighting the latest trends in telco investment.

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Talking blockchain: Interview with David Butcher

February 2022
BDO partner David Butcher discusses how the pandemic has accelerated the emergence of blockchain across multiple sectors, and why now is a good time to invest.

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The evolution of Ed-tech: trends to watch in 2022

January 2022
Vinesh Bharadwa, Partner at BDO, discusses how the evolution of Ed-tech has transformed the education sector forever.

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R&D tax relief is changing – here’s what you need to know

January 2022
R&D has the potential to provide companies with thousands of pounds worth of tax savings on innovation projects. However, a series of upcoming changes in the Autumn Budget & outcomes from recent Tax Tribunal cases could have wide ranging implications for claims.

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Recruiting to fill the skills gap

December 2021
Faced with a global skills gap, how do companies secure the tech talent they need to thrive now and in the future? Our National Head of Technology and Media, Tony Spillett, offers his advice.

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Software as a Service – the best is yet to come

November 2021
Our experts, Derek Neil, Johnnie Buchanan and Alex Wood discuss the evolving role of Software as a Service (SaaS) in delivering ever more specialised solutions to niche business sectors.

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What to consider when faced with an

November 2021
We spoke to Tony Spillett, National Head of Technology & Media, about how businesses can successfully navigate the earn-out process and why it’s all about the detail.

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Emerging technologies – the future of business

October 2021
Partner and R&D expert, Eyad Hamouieh delves into the exciting world of emerging technology, exploring innovation opportunities available for forward-thinking businesses, along with the associated risks and benefits.

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Finance function of the future: opportunity is digital

September 2021
Ian McBane, Business Services and Outsourcing Partner at BDO, talks about the future of the finance function and how digitisation is paving the way to a post-COVID world.

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If ESG isn’t on your board’s agenda, it should be

August 2021
We take a look at how can technology help companies track their ESG progress and become more sustainability conscious.

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Business resilience for the new normal

July 2021
We spoke to Tim Foster, BDO Partner in Risk Advisory Services, about business resilience and why it’s more crucial than ever as we start the transition back to office life.

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All you need to know about grants and R&D tax credits

May 2021
Get up to date with the latest Research & Development grants and funds available for your tech businesses, with expert insight from BDO.

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The future of mobile payments

April 2021
We spoke to the BDO payments team about how the payments space has grown, plans to further fuel the UK’s competitiveness – including tax incentives – and the safeguarding consultation that could change the way fintech is regulated.

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Tech: the place to invest?

March 2021
A look at why and how tech businesses thrived during the pandemic and what the landscape looks like for 2021.

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Rethinking Tax in the Technology sector

In this series of articles we will consider how the COVID-19 pandemic, an ever more mobile workforce, the changing world of data and digital media trends are all conspiring to pushing tech businesses to adapt and evolve their business models.

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The future of tax technology: Making Tax Digital

February 2021
With MTD for VAT round the corner and the consultation for MTD for CT due, what does this mean for businesses and what should they be thinking of?

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Region in focus: Leeds

February 2021
A regional tech hotspot, Leeds boasts an impressive pool of talent feeding into its growing hub of tech start-ups, scale-ups and national and international enterprises – the ideal place to lay roots outside of London.

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Understanding the UK scaleup landscape, and helping scaleups grow

February 2021
How are scaleups distributed across the UK, and what programmes are in place to help them address their challenges?

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Quantifying the losses following IP infringement

January 2021
IP in tech is a key differentiator, and any infringements of another’s IP are actionable in law. But a decision on infringement going in your favour is by no means the end of the story. Kevin Haywood Crouch provides an insight into BDO’s work in this area.

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