International Advisory Services

International Advisory Services

We work with UK companies that want to do business internationally as well as with international companies that are looking to do business in the UK. The UK is a hub for international business and trade. Ambitious, growing UK companies are always looking to expand into new markets. Even companies operating solely in the UK, often source products and services from overseas suppliers. The UK, with its mature economy and established financial market, is also a fantastic place for overseas businesses to establish subsidiaries and holding companies.

To reap the rewards of doing business internationally, you must overcome challenges and pitfalls and make the most of the fiscal and regulatory opportunities. Having the right business advisors at your side, providing the right insights and knowledge when you need it will go a long way to helping you achieve international business success.

We provide you with the full range of specialist international services you need to succeed. Our people here in the UK and around the globe are specialists in advising ambitious and entrepreneurial and fast growing businesses. They have the knowledge and skills that will make a tangible difference to your business.

We participate in a number of international organisations and agencies promoting international trade and business. We do this because we believe that international trade and business is a good opportunity for our clients to achieve their growth ambitions. Our active role means our people understand all the issues that companies doing international business face as well as having first-hand knowledge of initiatives to support international business.

We look forward to helping you seize the opportunities available in new markets.

Doing international business with BDO

In addition to our own international business specialists, based and operating in the UK, we are part of the world’s fifth largest international business advice and accountancy organisation. BDO has 84,000 people working in more than 160 countries. We have local market knowledge and business expertise in every market and business centre where you want to do business.

Country Specialists

When you are considering entering a new market or trying to make a new international venture work, you need advisers who has genuine specialist knowledge and experience of doing business in that market. Our Country Specialists are exactly that. Country Specialists are business advisers with deep expertise and knowledge in their chosen markets, and relationships with local BDO personnel.

Each BDO firm also has an International Liaison Partner who will advise international clients on local compliance and other issues that will affect investment decisions. Together, the Country Specialist and the International Liaison Partner will ensure that that the BDO International Network delivers the advice and insight you need.

For the key markets that present the biggest opportunities for UK firms, we offer a comprehensive suite of advisory services. China and India are the fastest growing markets in the East, while trade between the UK and the US has always been very significant. These UK-based teams deliver a full range of advisory services, deep technical knowledge and support tailored to your business’s goals and needs.

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Specialist International Services

International tax

Our international tax practice advises businesses making their first step into or outside the UK as well as multinational enterprises with complex operations and structures. We offer a comprehensive integrated tax service. We advise clients on a range of international issues including:

  • Corporation and indirect tax compliance
  • Transfer pricing
  • Tax-efficient cross border tax planning and structuring, covering tax relief on interest, foreign exchange and withholding tax issues
  • Assessing the overall tax burden on controlled foreign companies and the repatriation of profits to the UK
  • Consideration of VAT and Customs Duty planning issues
  • Delivering integrated international employee share scheme
  • Managing expatriate tax issues and their tax returns and compliance.

Internationally, BDO can help you develop innovative tax planning ideas and strategies to reduce the tax burden on your business or group.

Business Services and Outsourcing

Our Business Services and Outsourcing team provide a range of accounting, advisory and compliance services in the UK to help companies meet all their day to day requirements. This can be offered as a menu of specific services, through to the full outsourcing of the finance function. Leveraging technology, we can ensure reporting is available in real time – supporting your management team to make informed, timely decisions.

You can opt for end to end support, or select specific services including cloud accounting and management accounts, company formation and secretarial, payroll, tax compliance, statutory accounts preparation, including migration to new UK GAAP or IFRS, group accounts and technical accounting assistance. 

International support every step of the way

We provide international accounting services that will help you meet the demands of international compliance without the cost and logistics of managing many different and remote, local finance teams.

Our model is based on local BDO specialists with a wrap-around of accounting, payroll, tax compliance and financial reporting and monitoring. This guarantees you timely, accurate and cost-effective service delivery. You can access local specialist expertise wherever you do business via a single UK point of contact. You will receive global coordination and project management that will make doing, and managing, business internationally simpler.

You also benefit from the advantages of a simple Master Service Agreement that allows you to quickly and easily scale up by adding new services and jurisdictions as your business grows.

International Projects Group

The International Projects group site contains information on how we provide a full range of services for large international public sector projects including;

  • public sector financial management reform
  • public and private sector audit and assurance
  • Financial modelling to support foreign direct investment
  • enterprise Development
  • privatisation and business restructuring
  • feasibility studies and due diligence investigations
  • private sector participation in public infrastructure prospects
  • financial sector consultancy
  • SME Development

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Doing business in the UK

Are you thinking about setting up a business in the UK? Are you wondering how to grow your business in the UK?

We have produced a practical and simple to use guide to setting up a business in the UK. It includes an introduction to the UK covering the following key areas;

  • the UK as a location to invest
  • key sectors, infrastructure and skills
  • advice on the choice of business structure
  • business finance
  • key regulatory requirements

Business in the UK - A Route Map

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Promoting international business

Department of International Trade

BDO works collaboratively with the Department of International Trade (DIT), formally known as UKTI, across nine regions within the UK, and specialised sectors to support businesses expand overseas. Producing regular thought-leadership collateral, as well as hosting a different series of events throughout the year, we work cohesively to deliver market-leading pieces for our clients.

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