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Want to operate in the US?

If operating in the US is one of your key strategic growth priorities, our experts in the US Advisory Services team (USAST) at BDO UK are best placed to be your partners in the journey.

The USAST comprises specialist partners in UK/US matters across all service lines, led by Gary Hanson and Iain Henderson, who have been working with US companies and BDO US for over 20 years. They and their team helping companies enter or expand in the US market and reciprocate by working with colleagues across BDO US.

The team is positioned to understand your current, mid-long team requirements, helping you translate your global business goals, in the USA, including:

  • helping you assess opportunities for developing your business and finding the right partners
  • Supporting you access funding in the US market, either in the form of PE/VC investment, or the capital markets
  • judging sector and business risks while co-developing a market entry strategy
  • adapting to the diversity and cultural differences while entering or expanding in the USA moving on to regulatory compliances around set up.

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Service offerings

Understanding doing business in the USA

  • Capital market transactions
  • The regulatory environment
  • Tax structuring
  • Transfer pricing and import duty study
  • Audit
  • SOC-1 audits

Establishing a presence in the USA

  • Business set up including tax and regulatory aspect
  • Legal entity formation
  • Bank account and registration liaising
  • Global mobility services

Ongoing operational support

Establishing a presence is the first part of the journey. Successfully managing your local business is an ongoing challenge. We help through this with:

  • Regular compliance with business regulations 
  • Tax efficient repatriation of funds
  • Direct and indirect tax advisory 
  • Audit and Assurance
  • Statutory and tax compliance
  • Raising funds for growth
  • Payroll accounting and bookkeeping
  • Directors and company secretarial
  • Forensics and Risk Advisory

Audit and assurance services

Over the last 20 years, the USAST has worked with our clients and lead engagement teams in their reporting and expansion into the USA. In addition we consult on all US GAAP, US GAAS, PCAOB and SEC reporting matters.  Furthermore assistance is given when there are acquisitions or divestures of UK companies by US registrants that require conversion of the financial statements to US GAAP and potential re-audits to US GAAS related to ASC 740. The USAST also manages inquiries related to tax and bond and debt offerings that would come in the scope of the SEC and the related comfort letters. 

All UK Partners, directors, managers and senior staff working on US reporting clients in the UK are licensed.  The licensing process requires individuals to complete US specific technical training in a year.  The training is provided by the USAST and our colleagues from BDO US’s SEC service team.

BDO UK is registered with the PCAOB and has been inspected.  No issues of any note were raised.

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