Third Party Assurance

Explore our approach to providing third party assurance.

Both internal and external stakeholders want to have assurance over the third party risk inherent in complex supply chains and the contracts that manage them. There are many different frameworks and standards such as SOC1, SOC2, and ISAE 3000 that enable the provision of that independent assurance and that can help provide confidence. These cover from financial and operational controls through to non-financial information. 

Are you a service organisation that needs to assure your clients? Are you facing new or increased regulation? Our team of specialists have the extensive experience and technical expertise to advise and support you in confidently meeting the needs of your stakeholders. You will benefit from our considerable project management capability as well as significant partner involvement throughout.

You will benefit from our combined experience of having supported businesses from start-ups to complex global organisations and across all industries. Our team of experts, includes auditors, sector specialists and consultants in technology risk, offering objective support across the full spectrum of assurance requirements.

How we can support you

There is not a “one size fits all” assurance pathway. Taking into account the maturity and location of your business and the unique challenges you face, we will support you through the critical choices you have to make. The assistance we can provide include the following:

  • Understand and map the reporting and assurance options available
  • Assess your current state of readiness
  • Provide options on how to bridge any gaps
  • Provide independent assurance and confidence

Helping you achieve the many benefits of independent assurance

You may feel that compliance is simply a burden. We are committed to ensuring that independent assurance also delivers tangible benefits to your business. Firstly, we work to make your compliance programme become as efficient as possible by aligning it with other compliance and assurance activity such as ISO 27001 or your external audit. Secondly, we understand that the right assurance can create market differentiation and tangible commercial benefits. Finally, we look to improve the overall efficiency and resilience of your operations, processes and controls. The result is not just genuine confidence but financial gain too.

A Global Third Party Assurance team

Depending on your business model, you may find that we call on and work with colleagues across our international network to provide the support you need. Our international network of BDO member firms spans more that 1,500 offices in 160+ countries. It is the fifth largest international accountancy and business services firm with revenues of over $10bn. These considerable resources and reach are coordinated to help you achieve your objectives. 

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