Risk Advisory Services

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Risk Advisory Services

Your business faces a multitude of complex risks. Digital disruption of your markets, macro-economic downturns, as well as geo-political instability, climate change, pandemics and social movements can all threaten the sustainability of your business. An increasingly globalised economy means that a single event on the other side of the world can change things that you took for granted. You cannot control these events or the associated risks but you can prepare for them effectively. 

By managing risk through effective internal control and governance, your businesses can do a lot more than survive. It can drive more effective strategies and operations. It can take full advantage of opportunities, using risk as a driver for change and success. When done well, risk management not only future-proofs your organisation, it helps you navigate stormy waters and unexpected headwinds. 

Our Risk Advisory Services (RAS) specialists offer global assurance and advisory services over the quality of internal control, risk and governance frameworks. Working with us, you will be able to establish an internal audit service that delivers not just assurance to the Board through the Audit Committee, but adds value to the entire organisation.

We can help you design and implement practical and cost-effective enterprise risk management solutions. We can support you by helping you to tailor and design a framework that meets your governance requirements while remaining practical and efficient as well as enhancing your Board reporting. Our teams also provide controls assurance, helping you to make sure your risks are being mitigated effectively for your own governance purposes.


Our services cover all the major areas of risk management. We offer a full range of internal audit services, enterprise risk management advice and solutions, corporate governance services, SOX compliance, controls assurance and contract and commercial risk.

Finally, technology risk should be high on your agenda. Cyber security, data privacy, growing technology resilience dependencies and challenges with implementation of digitalisation are all increasingly critical to business success. Our specialist Technology Risk team is on hand to support you with high quality technical advice.

Global Risk Landscape 2023 report

We surveyed 500 C-suite executives across Europe, MEA, APAC and the Americas for the eighth year running to understand their approach to risk management and how they are responding to global events that threaten their businesses.


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