Information Technology Outsourcing

Your business needs IT services but you may not want the costs and responsibility of managing those services. You may prefer to focus on your core business or you might not have the necessary skills and knowledge in-house. As well as providing advice and support, our team of IT specialists deliver robust and secure outsourced IT services to meet the needs of your business.

As a firm we take pride in our agile and responsive attitude to meeting your business needs. We will be driven by helping you succeed and will put together an appropriate IT support package for your business.

Outsourced IT Director Services

As your businesses grows and technology develops, your business may not have a specialist IT Director capable of advising on strategic IT matters. The member of the leadership team or board responsible for IT may be turning to mid-level IT staff or a supplier for advice. We offer an independent, outsourced “IT Director Service” delivering expert advice and top level strategic input on the technologies, processes and resources needed to meet the business.

IT Helpdesk

Ensuring day-to-day issues are quickly resolved as well as accurately captured and prioritised and resolved is a major pain point for many companies. Our team of highly experienced IT professionals provide a 24/7 helpdesk service to support your staff.

We can provide the complete service, fielding the initial call or email through to resolution using remote or onsite support and proactive maintenance. Where you already have an IT helpdesk we can provide additional capacity, out-of-hours support or specialist knowledge. 

Outsourced IT Hosting and Support

We manage a hosting environment that meets key industry standards for resilience and security. Our multiple data centres are linked by high speed data connections. We can install, configure and manage your hardware and applications as well as monitoring performance and ensuring business continuity. You can also choose to ensure business continuity through a hybrid solution with hosting split between onsite and one of our data centres.

Outsourced IT Management

If you choose to outsource your IT function, we provide a full management and support service to agreed service levels. More importantly, we will ensure that your IT keeps pace with your businesses plans, advise on budget requirements and provide strategic advice.

Please do get in touch to discuss your IT challenges and how we can help.