IT Consulting Services

Our IT consultancy services have been designed with the needs of the mid-sized business and its ‘Reluctant’ IT Director in mind.

IT Due Diligence

We have extensive experience of delivering IT Due Diligence reports for vendors and buyers in support of mergers and acquisitions. Our reports provide a level of detail to suit your requirements. Reports can range from a “light touch” high-level red flag report, to a detailed “in-depth” review of all aspects of an IT function.

Most of the time our clients ask us to report on whether IT systems are Reliable, Robust, Scalable and Secure. They need to determine whether there may be unanticipated IT costs or risks on the horizon.

IT Reviews

We have a demonstrable track record of delivering practical IT Reviews for clients. An IT Review may be comprehensive, covering the entire IT function, or can address a specific sub-set such as an individual department or a particular programme or project. An IT Review typically focuses on People, Processes and Technology and will include both our commentary and our practical recommendations for action.

Our reports are tailored to your specific requirements rather taking a standard approach. They include as much or as little detail as needed. Assignments vary in length from two days for the review of a service contract to over twenty days for a detailed review of a complete IT environment. 

IT Strategy Development

If you are considering a sale or flotation, you will need to ensure that your IT is fit for purpose. A Plans for growth may require changes in IT infrastructure and capability. Your in-house team may lack the depth of IT knowledge and experience to formulate and execute a comprehensive IT Strategy that supports those business goals. 

Our team includes a number of former IT Directors with extensive practical experience of devising strategies that align with business requirements and fit within a realistic IT budget. Their knowledge and hands-on approach can prove invaluable when it comes to deliver an IT strategy that makes a difference to the whole business.