Expert Witness

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We are experienced in providing expert evidence in a contentious environment, including expert determinations. Our experts have given evidence in the English High Court, the International Courts of Arbitration in London, Geneva, Zurich, the Dubai International Financial Centre Court, the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (‘ICSID’) and the World Intellectual Property Organisation.

Our work is often international, involving complex damages calculations across multiple jurisdictions. We are able to draw on our international experience and language skills, both within the team and from BDO’s international network.

We work with clients in the context of valuation disputes, quantification of loss and damages calculations. We also have dedicated expertise in the areas of shareholder disputes, expert determinations and valuations for matrimonial (divorce) disputes.

Our experience spans many industries and sectors and we work closely with technical and industry specialists in BDO to deliver solutions tailored to your needs. Our recent sector experience includes energy and natural resources, renewable energy, telecoms and transportation.

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