Tax Valuations

Get advice from our experts in dealing with HMRC's Share and Asset Valuation division.

Our clients need valuations for a wide range of purposes which have potential tax consequences.

Our work includes:

  • Family succession, IHT planning and for separation or divorce
  • All forms of share valuations including for CSOP, EMI and ESS
  • Valuation of shares and other assets held by departing employees
  • Management incentive valuations under ITEPA or other income tax purposes
  • Valuations for the IRS or other tax jurisdictions
  • Due diligence prior to a company sale
  • Transfers of intellectual property
  • Capital gains disposals
  • Goodwill valuations

We prepare valuations for HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) as well as tax authorities in overseas jurisdictions.  We have considerable expertise in negotiating complex valuations with the tax authorities in order to obtain the optimal result for our clients. We are assisted by the international BDO network when it is required.

In circumstances where it is not possible to request agreement from HMRC, we prepare robust documentation to support the valuation in the event of an enquiry in the future.

Assets which we value include:

  • Shares
  • Share options
  • Intellectual property - including trademarks, patents, brands, knowhow and other intangible assets
  • Creative assets including music and film catalogues, literary and cinematic works
  • Financial instruments - including loan notes, swaps and derivatives
  • Deferred consideration and earn out arrangements
  • Goodwill.

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