Restructuring Valuation

Use our independent view of enterprise value as a critical tool to guide decision-making.

In corporate restructurings, an independent view on enterprise value is a critical tool for guiding decision making when multiple stakeholders are involved. An independent view of value can;

  • Help establish where the value breaks in the capital structure.
  • Add a vital layer of insurance (for example, where a pre-pack is contemplated)
  • Demonstrate that certain actions, such as a Company Voluntary Arrangement (‘CVA’), are vital to future viability

Various stakeholders can have an interest in enterprise value. These include;

  • The Security trustee
  • A Cocom
  • Individual lenders
  • Administrators/Insolvency Practitioners/Restructuring Advisors
  • Company management
  • Pension trustees/regulators

Our highly experienced valuation advisors have worked on a large number of restructuring cases where an independent view on enterprise value is key to progress.  Many of these restructuring cases are international in nature, either through company operations or through the group legal set-up.

We work together with our global colleagues in order to ensure we meet both UK and other national requirements and to provide key insights into local market valuation trends. We also take advice and counsel from our own business restructuring specialists.

We can also give opinions on the value of other assets/liabilities in corporate restructurings. This includes key intangible assets, such as brands, as well as financial assets and liabilities such as debt instruments.

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