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The BDO Tax Support for Professionals (TSP) service offers the premium tax support service to tax and legal professionals, practices and in-house tax teams, including a telephone support service, assistance with larger projects, free ezines and webinars on topical issues, tax seminars and our monthly Tax Insight magazine. Read more.

We regularly produce webinars on important and topical tax issues. These are prepared specifically for accountants, lawyers, in house tax teams and other tax professionals, but others may find them of interest too. Each webinar is between 10 and 15 minutes in duration and can be accessed below.

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Workforce Resilience

Is your business prepared to navigate the new reality after COVID-19? Watch our webinar to find out the most streamlined and effective way to reduce expenditure in a business and organisations.


Loss Reliefs and Distressed Debt (May 2020)

Capital gains tax loss reliefs
The key areas of the standard reliefs, clogged losses, negligible value claims, partnerships, and share loss relief against income.

Income tax loss reliefs
The key points of trade losses, cessations, property losses and other income losses.

Distressed debt
The key areas of debt impairment and release, including:

  • For capital gains tax: simple debts, foreign currency bank accounts and loans to traders relief
  • For corporation tax: loan relationships for connected and unconnected companies and on becoming connected and loans to participators
  • For income tax: waiver of interest and potential shareholder taxation.

Coming soon:

Corporation Tax loss reliefs
The key points of trade losses, group & consortium relief, and other losses and deficits

Further series of property-related webinars
This new series will include Incorporation of property partnerships, and Key points in relation to new UK land returns.

2020 Budget and Finance Bill analysis

This webinar covers the 2020 Budget announcements on 11 March 2020, the 2019-2021 Finance Bill published on 19 March 2020, and COVID-19 business support announcements by the Government up to 19 March 2020. For up-to-date information on COVID-19 business support measures, visit our COVID-19 hub.

Property tax updates (October 2018)

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Corporate Reconstructions (November 2017)

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