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VAT in the global marketplace

We are part of the BDO international network which puts us in an ideal position to advise your business on the VAT implications of a cross-border supply chain. With member firms in over 160 countries, our network of VAT specialists can offer expert local advice on how VAT, and equivalent indirect taxes, will affect your business in their country.

If you are planning a multi-jurisdictional activity, our team's international connections and strong project management skills can help you identify the key issues and risks you will need to address to help ensure compliance in all the countries involved.

The United Kingdom has recently left the EU but our UK team of VAT experts has excellent knowledge of the EU VAT directives and provide advice at an EU-level. We will highlight any potential issues that may need local expert consideration.

Digital Services Tax

The concept of a Digital Services Tax (DST) is a no longer a new one and equivalent policies are being adopted in more countries across the world every year. For most, this has broadened the scope of their existing VAT, or equivalent indirect tax, but for some businesses this has meant the creation of a whole new indirect tax. In either case, if your business is involved with digital sales of services, we are able to help you to navigate the indirect tax implications including assistance with registering for VAT or the local equivalent in the required countries and with global indirect tax compliance support.

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