• VAT Advocacy

    Helping you deal with HMRC inspections and assessments

VAT Advocacy

All businesses have to deal with HMRC from time to time and there are a number of ways we can help to relieve the pressure this puts on your organisation. Where a difficult VAT matter arises between VAT inspections, you can instruct us to discuss the situation with HMRC on your behalf to negotiate an acceptable solution.

Our team can also be available to help you on the day of a VAT inspection - either on site or at the end of a telephone- to assist with any questions raised by HMRC. If you prefer, we can carry out a risk assessment of the VAT position prior to their visit and advise on how to deal with any problems this highlights. We can also help with any VAT issue or investigation that arises after the visit.

If HMRC threatens to raise a VAT assessment, liabilities can often be avoided or mitigated by involving a VAT specialist at an early stage. Our involvement will often achieve a resolution without the need for a tribunal hearing but, in the event that a VAT appeal to a tribunal is necessary, we can provide representation or determine the cost of a qualified advocate to present the case on your behalf.