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21 May 2021

The Government has been consulting widely with regard to commercial rent arrears in an effort to establish what, if any, barriers exist to productive negotiations between landlord and tenant. The Government has made clear that it will consider both regulatory and legislative options to protect...

13 May 2021

The effective management of working capital is critical to a business’ survival, in particular in a period with significant fluctuations in activity such as that faced by parts of the hospitality and travel sectors.

05 May 2021

Success for an ecommerce business means rapid sales growth, often on an international basis. With that success comes new challenges, particularly for your finance function and systems.

29 April 2021

The M&A market in manufacturing is buoyant – of that, there is no doubt. The latest transaction figures point towards record quarters not seen since before the financial crash in 2008. 

28 April 2021

As the UK recovers from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses will be considering the long-term impact on their business, its market and its recovery in a post lockdown economy. 

22 April 2021

World Earth day, 22 April 2021, has been celebrated since the 1970s, to highlight the importance of working within communities to drive meaningful action for our planet; and raise awareness of how we can reduce our impact. 

21 April 2021

As travel unlocks over summer 2021, what key areas should be on the agenda for management teams working in travel businesses over the coming weeks and months.

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