Finance Function of the Future

Finance Function of the Future

Enabling Agility. Supporting Growth. Creating Value.

Increasingly, businesses are being called on to adapt and respond to shifting economic environments; complex stakeholder expectations; and intensifying compliance requirements with greater agility and speed. At the same time, sustainability and ESG have developed into market imperatives, and the decisions made by organisations, investors and leadership teams now represent a significant lever to drive change, add value and create impact.

Viewed through the lens of transformational change - and the need to support stakeholders, investors and leadership teams and deliver growth in new ways - how might the transformation of your finance function support the continued success of your business?

More and more, successful finance leaders are starting to rethink their approach to the component parts of their function. Finance Function of the Future explores the opportunities and challenges faced by today's finance leaders, connecting these with approaches that will enable you to achieve your strategic direction.



The Important Evolution of the CFO

The chief financial officer (CFO) role is fundamental to organisations and their stakeholders. The role continues to evolve and reshape as the emphasis of organisations changes. The role of a chief value officer (CVO) is one that is increasingly used in the context of the broader reporting that organisations are now undertaking. Is the CVO role an extension of the CFO role or is it unique? What constitutes value anyway?

To explore these two questions, BDO and ACCA have drawn on the perspectives of nearly 100 finance leaders from across the globe, representing a wide variety of organisations from large global corporates to startup businesses. The finance leaders included not-for-profit and public sector organisations as well as publicly listed and private equity backed entities.

Download the report Chief Value Officer - The Important Evolution of the CFO below:



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