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16 January 2018

Offshore investors in UK real estate face a range of tax obligations and charges to be managed. This briefing introduces some of the key tax aspects for investors using various offshore structures.

16 January 2018

Publishing gender pay gap figures could have significant impact on your business sector and company.

16 January 2018

Here we summarise some of the frequent questions we are being asked by clients on who needs to complete Gender Pay Reporting and how to do it.

12 January 2018

BDO summarises the final provisions reforming US tax law for international businesses.

12 January 2018

BDO summarises the FRC Audit and Assurance Lab’s first project report on audit committee reporting.

12 January 2018

BDO takes a look at the first FRS 102 triennial review amendments, and the latest IFRS Improvements published.

12 January 2018

BDO highlights some key learning points from the first round of CbC reporting in the UK.

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