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13 June 2018

The UK Government’s “Requirement to Correct” legislation may result in hugely increased penalties for non-compliance - it is vital that taxpayers review all overseas interests as a matter of urgency.

12 June 2018

HMRC’s extension of distance selling rules to online or mail order sellers of goods who promote a separate delivery service to their customers is to be considered by the European Court.

11 June 2018

In this article, we take a closer look at how IFRS 9 affects the accounting for related company loan receivables.

11 June 2018

BDO explains how the increasing use of technology enabled services could allow more companies to claim patent box tax relief.

11 June 2018

BDO takes a look at the methods of calculating stage of completion for over time revenue recognition

11 June 2018

Employee equity and benefits reporting - the main changes for 2017/18 and points to watch

11 June 2018

The UK economy is at a cross roads. Whilst a recovery in the economy is taking hold, much of it is being driven by consumer spending as the UK risks repeating the mistakes of the past.   

08 June 2018

When a Private Equity deal process fails it is very frustrating for both management and the prospective investor.

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