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23 October 2017

Gavin Williamson speaks to The Telegraph’s Business Reporter team on insider fraud, and how to tackle it.

20 October 2017

A recent tribunal decision concerning the VAT treatment of electronic property searches may have consequences for law firms that treat these as disbursements.

19 October 2017

It’s now more important than ever for organisations to ensure they have a global oversight and a detailed view of compliance obligations and status on a territory by territory basis.

18 October 2017

Our October article on the Charity Commission's review of accounts; an illuminating paper from the Institute of Business Ethics; and how legacies help.

17 October 2017

BDO explains how to account for contract costs under IFRS 15: Revenue recognition.

17 October 2017

BDO explains the opportunity to make amended R&D claims for reimbursed employee expenses.

17 October 2017

BOD examines the recent OECD and EU proposals for taxing multi-national digital businesses

17 October 2017

BDO explains the different Business Models which IFRS 9 identifies and how this affects the classification of financial assets.

17 October 2017

BDO explains the key issues for the first round of Country by Country reporting in the UK.

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