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07 November 2017

Our latest Motor Salary Survey shows that overall there has been an average 2% increase in dealer pay as the long-expected slowdown in the industry has started to affect wages. 

20 April 2017

Despite economic and political uncertainty, BDO’s property advisory survey points to a continued confidence in the market.

18 January 2017

How high is VAT on the Board’s agenda?

28 July 2015

The UK has the world’s second largest aerospace sector, owning 17% of the global market share. With airline traffic growth of almost 5% predicted over the next 20 years, will the UK be in a strong position to respond to increased productivity demands?

26 May 2015

Recent years have been difficult for world trade and particularly UK exports. Although the UK is the 10th largest goods exporter in the world, much needs to be done to retain and strengthen this position. Although there are signs that the UK trade deficit is no longer going to be a forgotten...

20 April 2015

Law firm governance encompasses a wide range of critical strategic and business issues. In recent years, governance models and structures have undergone a process of evolution and sometimes dynamic change. Many expect the next five years to bring about dramatic shifts as firms deal with highly...

23 March 2015

The UK is failing to meet its building targets year after year and much needs to be done to close the gap in supply and demand for housing. Our latest report on the UK housing shortfall, 'Homes for All 2015' collates the views of decision makers from housing developers and housing associations.

16 March 2015

We have been looking at the challenges faced by mid-market technology businesses when it comes to acquiring the funds they need to innovate and grow. In order to better understand these challenges, we surveyed a wide range of technology businesses and spoke to a number of financial institutions...

14 July 2014

The educational landscape in England is seeing its greatest period of change in a generation, which is having a profound effect on the relationship between schools and local authorities.

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