Transforming cyber security

When you have identified the issues and weaknesses in your cyber security, we will help you select and implement the ‘best in class’ cyber technologies that will be right for your business. The right cyber technologies will:

  • Monitor IT environments to identify and respond to irregular activity, potential or genuine cyber threats or breaches
  • Provide control and visibility for cloud applications or mobile devices
  • Manage access to company information and data
  • Protect web applications and databases from attacks and data loss
  • Improve cyber resilience and data protection by driving behavioural changes
  • Simulate breaches and attacks to provide data-driven insight on vulnerabilities.
  • Enable you to identify what data you store across the business and accurately locate it

We can manage the technology implementation from end to end including proof-of-concept, use-case development, testing, handover and training. We work with you to establish the most cost-effective configuration of the technology for your business.

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Threat protection technology

We monitor the market and the development of cyber technology so that we can help you find the best and most appropriate technology for your business. Below are some of our chosen cyber technology providers:

Cloud security – Bitglas

  • Next generation Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)
  • Data and threat protection on any application, on any device.

Breach and attack simulation – SafeBreach

  •  Platform simulates attacks across the kill chain
  • Operates continuously to detect and report cyber risk.

Application and data security – Imperva

  • Deploy flexible Web Application Firewalls and Data Security
  • Maintain protection throughout business growth and change.

Data Security – SecurEnvoy

  • GDPR and PCI Compliance
  • Ability to discover what data you hold and accurately locate it across your network
  • Data destruction

Email Security – IronScales

  • Highly sophisticated email software that sits on the end-user device as opposed to the gateway to analyse user behaviour
  • Over time understanding of user behaviour and company behaviour to establish and qualify malicious activity and potentially dangerous mail
  • Reject and block malicious emails if unknown to the company or unfamiliar to each user
  • Anti-phishing software

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