System implementation assurance

Our technical assurance will help safeguard your business and ROI whilst you digitise your operations to drive efficiency and process optimisation. Our assurance can be for one project, or for a portfolio of projects depending on risk and your needs.

Less than 30% of technology-based projects succeed. Many businesses also struggle to define and implement a digital strategy that supports the overall business strategy. Effective assurance over digital systems and projects is fundamental to ensuring successful outcomes. It will also ensure that systems deliver the value and efficiency that is so important.

System implementations have a reputation for not delivering on time, within budget or complementing a pre-existing IT strategy. We take the time to understand your business and your goals. Then we use our strong technical knowledge of your chosen technology solutions and their requirements to help ensure that any risks are mitigated, and projects delivered on time.

How we can help you with System Implementation Assurance

  • Use our proven digital programme health check to quickly deliver a view on project health and progress
  • Get continuous assurance and ‘check and challenge’ by integrating our specialists into your digital programme
  • Give your stakeholders such as Steering Committee, Project Board and project managers independent and real-time assurance using dynamic dashboard reporting
  • Commission technical deep dives across key areas of project risk such as roles and access, data cleansing and migration, functional and non-functional testing and enterprise-wide system integration.

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