IT Risk Diagnostic services

Do you worry that the pressure to deliver efficiencies through systems and technology is introducing unnecessary risks? Are your business controls and financial reporting being undermined by your IT operations? These problems can be made worse by outsourcing and third-party delivery partners. You may be struggling to understand where risks exist and who is managing them.

We help you understand where your greatest exposure to IT risk sits. We all your tech stack including areas such as IT service delivery, third party management, IT strategy, resilience and cyber security. Our proprietary diagnostic approach will help you identify where compliance may be a concern as well as mapping key risks against common regulations (CIS, NIST, ISO, ISA, COBIT and SOx).

Having a strong evidence-based assessment of your IT Risk landscape is crucial in determining the scope and sequencing of your targeted audits over areas such as cyber security, disaster recovery, data security and cloud governance.

How we can help you with IT Risks Management

  • Leverage our purpose-built IT Risk Diagnostic to get an objective assessment of your key IT Risk areas and map them against key IT regulations
  • Use our purpose-built IT General Controls asset to get an accurate assessment of how effective and embedded your IT controls are
  • Get pragmatic recommendations to address your IT risks that accurately reflect your budget, risk appetite and the technology landscape
  • Upskill your in-house IT team through tailored training and workshops

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