Cloud governance assessment

Our goal is to help you manage risk, optimise resource consumption and derive maximum value from your hosting arrangements.

Cloud computing has moved from being a concept to a core strategy for many businesses and organisations. While the motivation to move to a ‘capital light’ IT operating model is clear, there are many challenges which are often misunderstood, for example, poor understanding of a shared responsibility model and limited understanding of increased cyber risk via a virtual environment.

Transitioning to cloud presents an opportunity to scale your business and increase system resiliency. However, to realise this opportunity you will need strong cloud governance and management controls that are in alignment with not just your overarching IT strategy, but your business strategy.

How we can help you with cloud governance and security

  • Assessing the security of your cloud environments using our Cloud Governance Controls Framework (CGCF)
  • Identify vendor management control concerns to improve reliability, accuracy and security
  • Assess the efficiency of your cloud arrangements in the context of license consumption and capacity
  • Identify any residual risk to your business emanating from your cloud service provider by reviewing your due diligence process

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