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Strategy Consulting

Our sector specialist teams support clients across a range of strategic challenges. In the current climate, deciphering where to invest both human and financial capital is a key challenge for senior executives. Whether a business is growing and evaluating how best to capture additional market share or if a business is facing increased competition and challenging margins, we are here to support navigate these challenging times.

A thorough assessment of a business's current commercial and operational model, the market landscape it operates in, the competitive landscape and a review of current and future risks to the business.

Challenging a business on how and where it can seek profitable growth, from new market entry strategies to new product development. Assessing how data and technology play a role in a business's future potential are also of increasing importance. 

Establishing a robust path to being exit ready is a key advisory role we play for our clients. Challenging management on their business plan and its robustness, analysis and helping improve business performance with a focus on margin improvement to maximise value on exit.

Our approach to CDD is sector focused, grounded in robust data analysis and conducted by teams with decades of experience. CDD supports a transaction with an independent, thorough evaluation of a business's commercial performance. There will be an assessment of the health and growth of the market the business operates in and a review of the competitor intensity. Furthermore, a deep dive on the proposition, its competitive advantage and how the business can grow is fundamental to support an investment process.

Value Creation

We support businesses to convert their strategic priorities into operational reality, with a relentless focus on delivering measurable value enhancement.

Our dedicated and specialised Value Creation team has a proven track record of working with businesses and private equity firms through all stages of the business lifecycle to maximise value, be it pre or post deal.

Our clients benefit from hands-on, multidisciplinary support that drives the performance of transactions. We support you to identify and implement EBITDA and working capital improvements.

Our Value Creation Services team works on both buy and sell side transactions, as well as in-portfolio improvement initiatives and assessing the strategic options for businesses.

Supporting owners, management teams and shareholders to enhance business value 12-18 months prior to a sale.

We identify, plan and implement initiatives that will improve EBITDA and cash, maximising sale consideration and minimising transaction risk. We also make sure that your growth story is articulated in the right way and that your business is presented in the most effective way to potential acquirers.

Supporting corporates and private equity firms with divesting non-core business units or subsidiaries from a parent group.

We support our clients in managing the operational, financial, and practical implications of carve-outs - helping to assess the full costs of the separation and transitional support, managing the operational challenges presented, and identifying the implications on deal returns.

Assisting buyers to quantify the key operational opportunities and risks presented by a transaction so they can adequately assess deal value.

Our operational due diligence focuses on value and supports our clients to identify potential surprises and maintain pace, control and focus throughout a process.

Developing the synergy case, establishing a robust plan and implementing the integration of an acquired business.

We have deep practical experience in delivering successful integration programmes. We ensure synergy benefits are delivered - from integrating acquisitions into a buy-and-build platform to merging subsidiaries as part of a restructuring plan. 

Working with corporates and private equity portfolio companies to define their optimal Target Operating Model and performance levels.

We diagnose, plan and implement transformation that delivers EBITDA and cash growth through operational improvement and revenue enhancement strategies.

Commercial Due Diligence

Commercial due diligence is an invaluable exercise in assessing and understanding the drivers of value for a business. It should be part of your preparations for any transaction and can provide insights to support your commercial strategy. Commercial due diligence will cover all key aspects of a business and the markets it operates in using both commercial data from the company and a range of public sources of information.

It will include:

  • a review of the business’s proposition and how it meets the needs and wants of customers
  • an assessment of the existing and potential customer base
  • a review of business plans and performance
  • an assessment of financial performance
  • a supply review
  • a review of the market and competitive dynamics

The outcome of a commercial due diligence exercise is a report that will highlight the value of a business, potential issues and red flags both in the context of a transaction and in the medium to long term. If you are selling a business, the CDD will establish a rationale for the sale, validate the commercial value and potential of the business and support efforts to maximise returns on exit. For buyers, CDD will identify any commercial risks and opportunities to help determine the appropriate valuation.

The findings and business insights of a Commercial Due Diligence exercise will often form the starting point for the work of our Value Creation team.

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Tom Holt

Tom Holt

Deal Advisory Partner - Commercial Due Diligence
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Richard Austin

Richard Austin

Deal Advisory Partner, Head of Value Creation Services and National Head of Manufacturing
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Gurpal Ahluwalia

National Head of M&A, Strategy and Commercial Due Diligence (CDD)
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