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    We maximise our clients potential funding options through leveraging relationships
    with lending community, extensive knowledge and experience

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Fundraising and Debt Advisory

Fundraising is always challenging. Regardless of what stage of its lifecycle your business is at or the type of capital, debt or equity, we will guide and advise you through the funding process. Our extensive experience and funding expertise allow us to understand your business needs and find the right funding solution.

Whether that solution is Venture Capital, Private Equity, Debt or an IPO will depend on your business and your ambitions for it. We want to build a long-lasting relationship with you so that we can accompany you through the life of your business and your next venture.

Growth Advisory

Growth Advisory (GA) is a specialist team of advisors and former venture capital investors who exclusively focus on helping businesses prepare for and secure funding from a variety of sources including banks, specialist lenders, venture capital and private equity. The team work with companies from Seed to Series B looking for funding to drive growth. The team use their extensive knowledge and connections to find the right investors for your business.

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Private Equity

If your business needs investment, Private Equity (PE) should always be one of the options you consider. Whether it’s the first time you use Private Equity or you are a PE veteran, it can be a transformative and very rewarding experience. Our advice will help you avoid the pitfalls and reap the rewards of working with PE investors. 

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Debt Advisory

The Debt Advisory team specialise in advising companies in these situations. We have extensive relationships with the lending community which means we ensure the client can maximise all potential funding options. We apply our extensive knowledge, experience and relationships to match your requirements with the facility.

Our Approach

  • Business Plan review
  • Independent and unbiased debt market review in the context your client’s requirements and metrics
  • Work with you to develop a comprehensive set of potential financing options
  • Provide strategic debt advice and quality, hands on support for implementation 

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