• Risk Management Services

Risk Management Services

Modern businesses must address a vast array of risks; global health, technological and digital disruption, political instability and change, macro-economic headwinds and not least the impact of climate change. The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated that even smaller businesses must consider measured and calculated responses to these global risks and their potential impact. No organisation is immune from black swan events. 

Ratings agencies, listing exchanges and regulators around the world expect management teams to identify, assess and be prudent in responding to risks. In addition, each of these bodies increasingly expect the board of directors to share in management’s responsibility for assessing and managing risk.

As broader stakeholder expectations for risk management and risk assessment continue to evolve and increase, many board members and senior management understand the need to adopt best-in-class Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) practices and solutions.

This includes publishing risk management strategies in annual reports. Another key element of ERM is the adoption of ‘assurance maps’ articulate how well risk is being managed. An ‘assurance map’ consolidates evidence from internal and external assurance providers to help answer the question, “What are we missing?” 

Benefits of good risk management

  • Provides the board and stakeholders with assurance that the organisation has satisfactory risk mitigation strategies in place capable of reducing the likelihood and impact of principal risks to an acceptable level
  • Aiding in the identification and removal of process and control inefficiencies and duplicated effort 
  • More readily pinpoint areas where assurance is required and better direct assurance providers to areas of greatest need, thus helping to maximise value and save on unnecessary third party support
  • Greater transparency for Board members, particularly non-executives, to better enable them to fulfil their duties.

How we can help you improve your Enterprise Risk Management

Our team will help you and your organisation design and implement practical and cost-effective enterprise risk management (ERM) solutions. We have a wealth of experience helping numerous large and mid-market organisations like yours create ERM programmes and improve processes for managing strategic, operational, financial, regulatory, and compliance risks. 

Our innovative use of frameworks, and knowledge of risk and control, provides more in-depth insights giving greater comfort to the management, Board, regulators and potential investors.

We can support you with the creation of assurance maps, using dynamic, leading edge practices and tools. Our considerable experience of developing integrated risk assurance maps that benefit the needs of their stakeholders means that we can offer sensible solutions with no additional bureaucracy.

Enterprise Risk Management systems

As broader stakeholder expectations for risk management and risk assessment continue to increase, many board members and senior executives have come to appreciate the benefits of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) systems. They appreciate that the right ERM will help their organisations:

  • Achieve clearly articulated, high-level goals and objectives
  • Use capital and other resources effectively and efficiently
  • Report transparent and reliable operational and financial data
  • Maintain compliance with the most recent regulations and laws


Rhiza is our proprietary online Enterprise Risk Management software tool. It embeds our extensive risk management expertise into a cost-effective, easy-to-use and customisable solution. Rhiza facilitates well thought through, risk-based, decision making.
Rhiza will help you establish and maintain an effective and sustainable risk management framework. Its combination of intelligent design and professional risk management expertise will also improve your approach to risk identification, assessment, governance, reporting and compliance. 

"Rhiza is intuitive to use and is driving an enhanced understanding of risks and their relationships within the business – enabling us to better deliver our organisational objectives and desired results." 
Chartered Institute of Management Accountants

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