Carbon Advisory

Carbon Advisory, Decarbonisation and Carbon Accounting

The net-zero transition is now a major strategic risk and opportunity for business.  Almost 90% of the world economy is now covered by government net-zero targets. The transition will disrupt markets and companies need to adapt to remain competitive.  

How can I achieve net-zero?

Understanding how to decarbonise your business requires a thorough understanding of your baseline, your emission sources and business strategy.  Whilst short-term measures are often readily identifiable, designing the optimal medium-to-long term strategy can benefit from scenario analysis and business model innovation.

Why should I be thinking about this now?

Early action is the most effective mitigation to climate risk:

  • Costs associated with asset replacement or future carbon taxation can be reduced by developing defined capital programmes coupled with early investment.
  • Legal and reputational risk relating to historical emissions can be reduced by efforts to decarbonise today.
  • Remaining competitive in a market increasingly defined by climate concern and net-zero policy requires early and sustained action. 
  • GHG reporting requirements are expanding to encompass many businesses with little or no prior experience of GHG reporting.  Developing mature, good quality reports takes time.

The transition affects everyone, yet many organisations have yet to explore viable net-zero pathways.  Even those with market-leading strategies face a high degree of uncertainty.

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