Supply Chain Due Diligence

Supply chains

What we do

As businesses rely increasingly on third parties to deliver aspects of their core operations, while at the same time seeking to diversify and better understand their established supply chains, they face increasingly complex challenges in managing risk and achieving better outcomes from their third-party relationships. These challenges span the macro-economic, geopolitical, governance, brand/reputation and environmental landscapes. Our Supply Chain Due Diligence practice assist your strategic shift to ensuring more resilient supply chains, while understanding the importance of risk exposure management and how to deliver change across business supply chains and the procurement of goods and services.

The operational and financial impact of failures in supply chain management can be immense, while regulatory and statutory fines for non-compliance are likely to follow in the coming years. At the same time, customers, staff and stakeholders are becoming less tolerant of businesses that are perceived to be greenwashing and not proactively managing their business activities in a sustainable way. We help to monitor, manage and transform businesses’ value chains across the lifecycle, including procurement, integrity and reputational risk, contract and commercial risk, supplier and third-party management and logistics.   

How we make a difference

  • Enhancing transparency and building trust over supply chain activities, highlighting sustainability blind spots and identifying improvements to build greater resilience into third-party portfolios
  • Aligning ESG initiatives with the commercial and operational aspects of supply chain management to drive triple bottom line results: Social, Environmental and Economic
  • Sustaining value across the third-party lifecycle from responsible procurement and third-party due diligence through to ongoing obligations management and monitoring.

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