Sustainable Finance

Sustainable Finance

Sustainable Finance 

The sustainable finance focus of the HUB is on services specifically adapted to debt market financial instruments. The HUB works in collaboration with the Financial Services team. 

In particular the focus is on supporting and driving services for sustainable debt instruments (Green, Social, Sustainability, etc. (GSS+) bonds/loans, which incorporate all issues within the green, social, sustainability, blue and impact space). These instruments function the same way as any other fixed income debt. The differentiating factor is that the proceeds are allocated to financing existing projects with sustainability-related objectives or financing new projects that lead to or are defined as sustainability-supported objectives.  

There are standards for sustainability debt instruments (green or social) which makes these financial products an ideal tool to directly promote projects that are beneficial to sustainability. As with non-sustainable bonds, the returns of labelled sustainability bonds are backed by the credit risk of the issuer. 

More broadly, you can make use of our range of services and our expertise in sustainability assessments to successfully navigate the sustainable finance landscape. Our expert team regularly support and facilitate the issuance of sustainability-linked loans and bonds for clients.

Proceeds from sustainability bonds and loans can be utilised to fund various projects, from green to climate transition. Such projects can cover: 

  • Renewable energy  
  • Energy efficiency (including efficient buildings)  
  • Sustainable waste management  
  • Sustainable land use (including sustainable forestry and agriculture)  
  • Biodiversity conservation  
  • Clean transportation  
  • Sustainable water management (including clean and/or drinking water) 
  • Climate change adaptation. 
  • Circular economy 
  • Green Buildings 

How we can support your Sustainable Finance needs: 

  • Aligning financial strategies to sustainability targets 
  • Providing support to enhanced funding opportunities, via sustainability linked financial products 
  • Engaging in directly positive ESG and sustainability impacts through the use of creative and innovative financial debt products. 

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