ESG Independent Business Reviews and Due Diligence

ESG Independent Business Reviews and Due Diligence

ESG due diligence is becoming a key element of successful transactions and risk assessments by all stakeholders, including investors, financial institutions and regulators. Our ESG due diligence practice can help assess a company’s sustainability and identify ESG risks and opportunities. Our work is tailored to reflect sector, geography and product or service offering. 

Factoring material ESG considerations into our independent business and covenant reviews ensures any restructuring is ensuring business resilience for the longer term. Our work is focused on protecting value and better serving the requirements of investors and other stakeholders.

 Our Independent Business Reviews and Due Diligence services include:

  • Identifying environmental and/or ethical risks to business continuity, investment potential, company value and reputation as part of an acquisition or capital raising process
  • Identifying positive sustainability and ESG attributes that will enhance your stakeholder confidence and potential for investment as part of a sale process

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