Data and Digital Solutions

Data and Digital Solutions

Digital technologies are critical to ESG goals, offering opportunities for transparent data tracking, enhancing operational efficiencies through automation, and improving stakeholder engagement. Our BDO Digital experts are committed to providing our clients with a means to navigate the intersection between Digital and ESG.

What we do

BDO Digital provides expert digital advisory services to help you chart a course for your digital future and support your sustainability goals. From data governance, quality, engineering, and security to Ethical AI, we can support your journey through complex digital environments to ultimately achieve your sustainable business goals.

How we make a difference

Some areas & examples of where BDO Digital can support include:

Data Governance, Security & Privacy, by developing and implementing strong and robust ESG data security controls – a key material indicator for ESG performance.

Data Transformation & Reporting, by automating data capture & ESG reporting.

Data Quality, by cleansing your ESG data, leaving you in a position to leverage accurate information for ESG Reporting

Data Assurance, by providing assurance on ESG data governance frameworks, and assisting in the identification of ESG data risks & controls.

Ethical AI, by conducting ethical impact assessments to empower diverse and unbiased AI datasets

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