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The frequent changes in employment tax legislation and reporting requirements mean that workforce risk management is a constant challenge for employers.

Our national team of employment tax specialists provides a comprehensive range of both advisory and compliance services, enabling you to better understand and manage the risks, identify potential savings and implement cost efficient processes.

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Payroll and Employment Tax Reporting

As well as helping you to be compliant with PAYE tax and NIC regulations and requirements, we can help you to simplify your reporting obligations and implement robust expenses and benefits policies and procedures.

Payrolling benefits can be a good option for employers and we can help you with the key issues and make it work for your business. Most employers will still need to prepare some P11Ds and navigating your way through the reams of paperwork required is never easy. Our P11D Software has an outstanding reputation for flexibility and ease of use.

Cost effective remuneration

We can help you design and implement tax/NIC efficient remuneration policies to provide cost effective benefits, attractive to your employees. Whilst the introduction of the Optional Remuneration rules removed the tax advantages of some salary sacrifice arrangements, employers can still enter into such arrangements with favourable tax/NIC treatment for some benefits, including pensions and cycle to work schemes.

Off-Payroll Labour

Dealing correctly with non-payroll labour is set to become more of a burden with new legislation relating to off payroll labour in the private sector. We can assist with a non-payroll labour tax risk assessment to help you assess the potential financial and operational impact on your business and consider changes to minimise the impact of the new rules and build a robust compliance structure for the future.

Read more on Off-Payroll Labour here.

Construction Industry Scheme (CIS)

CIS compliance remains a potential pitfall for many businesses. The rules regarding the requirement to operate the Scheme can be complex and the potential penalties for failure to operate the Scheme correctly are significant. 

Termination payments

The tax/NIC treatment of termination payments has always been a complex area. The rules introduced in 2018 added further complexities and this is typically an area scrutinised by HMRC. We can help you limit the tax/NIC costs, and take a holistic approach with your HR and legal teams, to achieve the desired outcome. 

HMRC compliance

If HMRC takes a closer interest in your employment taxes, via either a “Know Your Customer” meeting, an aspect enquiry, a general employer compliance review, or you think you may need to make a voluntary disclosure, we can guide you through the process, helping you to resolve the issue as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

For large businesses, within the Senior Accounting Officer regime, we can risk assess your employment tax systems and processes. The output will inform you on any necessary changes or improvements.

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Download our webinar exploring the impact of a high inflation economy for employees and employers and what that looked like from an employment tax perspective.

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