US Expatriate Tax Services

Our US tax team offers a full range of US and UK individual tax compliance services for individuals. Based in London, our highly experienced US tax team specialises in US tax matters for expatriates, from preparing US federal tax returns and state income tax returns to foreign bank and asset reporting (FBAR).

If your business has employees on assignments in the US or US nationals working elsewhere in the world we can ensure that they are fully supported to meet their US tax and social security reporting responsibilities. We can also help you build remuneration packages that are tax-efficient for both you and your employees with US tax obligations.

Whether you are a US citizen living and working outside the US, a foreign national living and working in the US or are taxed as a ‘non-resident alien’, we can ensure that you meet all the tax deadlines and filing requirements. We can help manage the complex interaction between your UK and US taxes and ensure that you make any UK/US tax treaty claims that are needed.

If you are an ‘accidental American’ or simply behind with filing your US returns we can help you to use the streamlined filing procedure to file the returns needed to bring you up to date.

Expert, but local, our US tax expertise makes us ideally placed to help US expatriates reduce their administrative burden and global tax costs.

Contact us for a quick personal quote or to discuss how we can help your US national employees.

Our US tax advisory team also provides planning advice on the complex interactions between the US and overseas tax systems.

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