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Support for the Ambitious Entrepreneur

04 March 2022

Imagine being able to call on a team of experts to help you tackle the unique business challenges you are facing? What if you could have a valuable and scalable solution to your barriers to growth? Whether you are unsure of your business strategy or simply need your finance function to keep up, we can help you today.

Our approach to supporting ambitious entrepreneurs like you is to provide strategic and financial insights as well as practical business support and resource. You can let us take on some of the more time-consuming and demanding tasks or functions, such as finance, so you and your management team are free to focus on growing your core business. You can also rely on us for the advice and guidance that will help you make the right decisions at the right time.

Your goals and ambitions will guide our work and advice as we keep you on track for success. We will invest the time and resource to get to know you and your business so that we understand what success means to you. Our work is also always underpinned by sound financial data and reliable, accurate accounting.  

The below outlines how we fuse data with advice to ensure your business has everything you need from your advisor to grow and achieve your ambitions. Talk to us about your goals and challenges. We want to help you realise your ambitions.




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Andy Cooper
Co-Founder & Director - Draw & code

“It really feels like we have BDO within the business. They’re not just a financial supplier that we contract out. They feel like they’re a part of the team and that’s incredibly important to us and the culture of the business. And it’s really important that they have as much of an understanding and care about what we do as we do.” 
Watch the full Draw & Code case study here.