Crypto Asset Services

Crypto Asset Services

Cryptocurrencies have become more than just a disruptive technology in recent years – despite the risks, they are becoming increasingly mainstream investments. Ensuring that you or your business is complying with tax on cryptocurrencies is just as important as knowing your crypto wallet security is up to scratch.

If you or your company hold crypto assets, our specialist team can provide a wide range of services and advice for you, including tax and reporting obligations, valuations, security assessments, and recovery of lost or stolen cryptocurrency.

We also provide specialist crypto auditing services for businesses with Digital Assets.


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Cryptocurrency Tax

Whether you are an individual investor, a founder of a start-up, or a successful entrepreneur, your success in crypto investing brings tax and reporting obligations. Our experienced crypto tax team can help you manage your capital gains tax on cryptocurrency, manage your portfolio and tax risks, and ensure you meet any reporting obligations.

Crypto Auditing

Our crypto audit team has significant experience in both statutory and non-statutory audits across the Digital Asset ecosystem. Our experts understand the latest developments in the sector, and ensure they are factored in fully into the audit approach to ensure shareholders have the confidence they expect in the audited financial statements.

Crypto Fraud and Asset Recovery

Our specialist team has partnered with leading cryptocurrency tracing firm TRM Labs to offer a wide variety of crypto investigation and recovery services.

Our capabilities include crypto fraud investigation and asset tracing services for clients facing an array of situations; whether to serve a stand-alone need or as part of a wider asset tracing or fraud investigation. We can also help recover your crypto wallet and keys.

Our fraud investigations are supported by state-of-the-art data science and machine learning tools, integrating our unique forensic investigations expertise.

Crypto Asset Valuation

We are experts in the valuation of crypto assets and risk management processes for crypto derivatives and structured financial products. Working alongside our Forensic Accounting experts, our Quantitative Risk team and Corporate Intelligence consultants can help you understand and manage the risk profile of your crypto portfolio.

Economic Crime Advisory

We can support you through a range of risk and compliance challenges, such as money laundering, terrorist financing, sanctions, bribery, corruption and fraud. If your business is regulated under the UK Money Laundering Regulations, we can offer a wide range of services, including independent framework reviews, policy and procedure enhancement, training development and deployment and file remediation. Our team of specialists come from consultancy, regulator, and industry backgrounds to enable us to bring practical and tailored solutions to your regulatory challenges.

Crypto Advisory Services

Our offensive security team can secure your crypto wallet by performing an array of tests, including web, mobile, Application Programming Interface (API) and bespoke desktop application testing. In addition, Security Architecture and Configuration reviews can assess your security layers across Network, Applications, People and Processes. This can help identify gaps in your wallet Architecture, Policies and Controls that might put your assets at risk from attackers.

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