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Buy-side services

Buy-side due diligence services

Our Buy-side due diligence service is specifically tailored to the needs of potential buyers looking to invest in a business. We aim to give clarity and an informed opinion around the appeal of an investment.

Our advice is relevant at all stages of the deal lifecycle and the levels of buy-side involvement depend on factors such as whether or not a vendor due diligence report is available and whether access has been given to the business and its management team.

Some key buy-side processes in which we have expertise include:

  • Full access financial due diligence
  • Focused precision due diligence
  • Vendor due diligence reviews and “top up” work
  • Limited access data room reviews

We add value on buy-side transactions in a number of ways, including consideration of:

  • Quality of historical earnings
  • Areas of sensitivity or upside in management forecasts
  • Quality of assets
  • Debt and debt-like items
  • Normalised working capital targets
  • Proposed locked box mechanics
  • Open points of negotiation or potential risks to be considered by other due diligence streams
  • Areas for representations, warranties and indemnities